Below are some features we currently have included on Dinnerify.

  • Product Search - Search for products within grocery stores, find prices, portions, ingredients, nutritional information and product locations within the store.
  • Ingredient Search - Find ingredients within products. This tool is helpful to find foods that trigger headaches or other digestive issues (eg: lactose).
  • Meal Generator - Basic meal generator to create shopping lists
  • Shopping Lists - Ordered collection of products for easier shopping

Below include some features we want to eventually implement into Dinnerify.

  • AI Learning - Learns what you like and do not like to eat.
  • Coupon Tracker - Track historic and predict upcoming coupons.
  • Store diagrams - Maps out local stores with prices and locations for quickest way around store.
  • Headache Tracker - Input foods that give headaches and it will tell you what ingredients they have in common which may be causing the headache.
  • I’m having a craving button - Click it and enter what you’re craving, we will give a healthy suggestion based on profile on what to eat
  • Recipes - Have basic and low ingredient count recipes highlighting that healthy eating is not a compromise with time and money. Show cost ($) of each serving.
  • Custom eating times - Enter time you woke up and app tells you when to eat and what. Many factors go into this including weight and amount of movement per day.
  • Postcards - Send congrats when you reach a new milestole.
  • Family Tracking - Allow users to track and buy for family members or people they’re cooking for.