Dinnerify is a service that provides complete overhaul of how a person eats and thinks about eating. Using a combination of store diagrams, recipes, coupon tracking and a unique recommendation engine to provide the best eating experience possible.


Shopping and cooking for yourself is a pain for many people. You either get too much food and throw food in the trash, getting not enough food and having to make second or third trips to the grocery store. In addition, there's overwhelming 40,000 products in a standard grocery store. Being able to easily search through and use a combination of the 40,000 items to make a healthy, well priced dinner is essential in helping people get healthier and reduce anxiety with cooking. Sure we can go the rest of our lives eating spaghetti with pasta sauce for $1 a serving but eventually will get bored, there needs to be a diversity of options.

Dinnerify will know everything about your personal diet. Don't like mint? We will figure that out and never suggest it to you. Love sour cream? We will find cool, cheap ways ways for you to include it in a dish. Don't like using the oven? We'll give you no bake options. Want dinner done in less than 15 mins? We will provide recipes with quicker cooking times.


Learning how you and other people eat. Only like turkey the week after Thanksgiving due to clearance prices? So do a lot of other people and Dinnerify will learn that overtime. Don't want to be overfitted or placed in an "algorithm"? Simply suggest or pickup something new at the store, we will make it work with your diet. Dinnerify's main goals are to cut overall grocery costs, increase happiness and promote actual weight loss.


We want Dinnerify to work for everyone: across cultures, family sizes, and geographical locations. It is important that Dinnerify fits into your needs and there should be absolutely no barrier to entry.


We're currently working hard to get these services to you. Rome wasn't built in a day and we are trying to make this right for you. If you have any suggestions or would like to see certain features prioritized drop us a note at